Digestive Specialist

Digestive Health Specialist

When you experience stomach pain, heartburn or any other digestive disorder, turn to Dr. Bowen for the right diagnosis and advanced digestive health care. Dr. Bowel has many years of advanced training and experience to help to guide her in helping you recover your digestive health, today!

Dr. Bowen is a digestive health specialist and Naturopathic Doctor, who follows a patient-centered and multidisciplinary approach to develop individualized plans for her patients. 

Dr. Bowen believes that when patients are well informed, they are enabled with the correct information to make better decisions for their long term  health and well-being. 

Dr. Bowen strives to make your visits as  convenient, informative and productive as possible. She works with a mission to provide quality healthcare treatments to patients in Washington State and beyond  in a convenient and timely manner!

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