Functional Medicine

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Functional medicine is the future of medicine and is being embraced far and wide. A Functional Medicine practitioner identifies and addresses the root cause of a disease. Our body can be viewed as one integrated system.

 Therefore, Dr. Bowen, a gut health specialist, treats the whole system and not just the digestive symptoms. She follows a system-oriented approach engaging both patient aprovider in a therapeutic partnership.

We spend more time with our patients in order to truly listen to their medical history and to fully understand interactions among their genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors to identify root cause of medical condition. 

In this way, Dr. Bowen supports the unique expression of health and vitality in her patients. She emphasizes prevention of disease through diet/nutrition, lifestyle counseling and  therapeutic movement. Dr. Bowen will tailor health treatments to address the unique needs of her patients. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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