Gut Health Specialist

Functional GI Specialist

Dr. Bowen is a proactive gut specialist helping people to recover their gut health in Washington state and beyond.  Dr. Bowen we aims to provide exceptional care to her valued patients. As a gut health specialist, Dr. Bowen helps to diagnose and treat many types of disorders of the digestive tract. Some of the disorders include gastroesophageal reflux disease, IBS, IBD (Crohn's disease, Ulceratibe Colitis and other IBD), abdominal gas and bloating, SIBO, fatty liver and more. Dr. Bowen is open to working closely with other functional GI specialists to provide comprehensive care for a wide range of patient needs.

Dr. Bowen takes a full inventory of the patient's symptoms and case history to thoroughly  assess their digestive health and uses investigate testing and appropriate treatments to help restore patient's guts to full health. We manage all the aspects of holistic management of functional and other gut disorders. We also offer standard and specialized investigations and treatments. Whether you are local to Bothell, WA, or are looking for a phone or video consultation, Dr. Bowen is a sgut health pecialist and can  tailor testing and treatments to find the  the right course of action for every individual!

Free Naturopathic Consultation

 Dr. Bowen is a Naturopathic Doctor and this means that she will work with a  mission to prevent and heal illness via natural medicine approaches whenenver possible!

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