Medical Sleuth

Dr. Bowen loves a mystery

Dr. Bowen's friends and patients refer to her as the "Dr. House" of Naturopathic Medicine. Complicated cases are usually caused by more than one thing. It is satisfying to her to help patients undertsand why they have become ill and help to create a road map for addressing these concerns and getting patients back to full health!

Complex cases that haven't gotten help or answers often means that your clinicians are unwilling or unable to order the necessary testing or implement the necessary treatments to help address your unique constellation of symptoms and ilnesses. 

Dr. Bowen is ready and willing to use her skill and experience to help to unravel your complicated case!

Holistic Digestive Doctor

 If you have symptoms of a digestive disorder that  your primary caredoctor or GI specialist is unable to help you with, you should definitely consider working with a skilled and experienced  holistic digestive doctor like Dr. Bowen.

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